Avia Spitzer

Hi, I’m Avia
Let's record a voice over to remember

You know how there are some voice over ads that get stuck in your head?
I'm an expert in matching my voice to your script so that no one would miss it
Voice branding for commercials, corporate videos, IVR and more
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and the process is pretty simple

1 You send me a script

Specifying number of words
, type of narrating – Commercial/ corporate Video / Tutorial etc.
and for which platform – Digital / Television / Radio / Internal use

Based on the information, I will issue a quote and we will start our shared journey towards the light (or the sudio which ever comes first).

2 The creative phase – Making the demo

I will go over the script, you will talk about the message you want to communicate, and I will provide an initial demo. Following your feedback, I can change and improve the demo to capture your exact vision.
We can go through this process over the phone / whatsapp or emails, whichever is more convenient for you. But I am a firm believer that direct verbal communication is the most effective. Also, we will get the chance to say Hello…

3 Find out about different narrating styles

There is a wide range of narrating styles – Hard Sale, Soft Sale, Quick, Formal, Acted-out and more. The voice used to dub a commercial should be completely different than one used to make a promotional video or a cartoon. Differences are sensed via volume, tone, speed, energy, intonation and, most importantly, intention of voice used.
My expertise is to make these adjustments so it will reflect your message perfectly.

4 I Record Your script

Now we are ready to record in the studio and create the final product.
I have a small private studio that includes a microphone condenser, a high quality sound card, and acoustic cladding for best sound quality.
Should you choose to be present during recording, I would be happy to arrive to any professional studio in the Central District, with no additional fees.

5 Need some adjustments?

My pleasure!! Until we get it perfect
*according to the number of revisions we set in advance


Commercials are your brand’s audio signature, just as your logo is your visual signature. However, commercials have to communicate the right message in a very short time. To do so, the narration needs to be versatile and emotionally connect the listener to your message. The tone has endless options such as formal, playful, soft, or assertive. With diverse intonations and a wide range of voices, we can create a unique narration to your brand: one to remember.

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You can listen to the radio anytime, anywhere. However, since radio does not have a visual component, the voice has to touch the listeners, grab their attention, and connect them to what is being said to make it personal.
Like with commercials, your message will set the tone for the type of narration such as formal, playful, soft, assertive or any other tone you feel is appropriate.
Radio narrating includes short openings, transitions to radio shows, commercials, jingles and infomercials.

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Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Promotional videos are like a calling card. It is essential that those videos communicate your business’s essence to perspective clients, create an emotional bond, and drive them to action. All this should be done in a relatively short time frame, so it needs to be crafted perfectly to engage viewers instantly.
By using my narrating skills, I modify my voice’s volume, intonation and attitude to capture viewers’ attention, emphasize the main points of the message and engage the viewers all in all.
Based on the message and intention, promotional videos can be funny and light, or formal and assertive. They can also be a mix or both, if that is the best way to communicate your ideas.

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eLearning and audio guides

eLearning and audio guides

Training can be done very effectively via videos. It can save time, money, and create standards and unity.
Tutorials, online classes, audio guides (i.e. in museums or walking tours), product operations and more, can all be done with the right narrating style.

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Your automatic telephone / operator recording should be like a host, a friendly and courteous gateway that greets your clients, asks them to hold patiently, or directs them to the right extension to save time.
The recording can be your standard automated message system, or we can adjust it according to your target audience – young and hip for students, formal and precise for international “serious” companies and so forth. It can be an operator that direct calls, or you can add some information and advertisement.
With the right script and narrating, your clients won’t mind waiting, and maybe even enjoy it!

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Animation dubbing
Narrating cartoons are an excellent tool to connect audience to content. Our empathy to animated characters is almost instant and aids in creating a bond and getting the message through.
When narrating animated characters, I first find a voice to match the cartoon, and then time it seamlessly with lip syncing.
Dubbing to Hebrew – Localization
It is also common to take foreign content and adapt it to the local language.
First the script must be translated to Hebrew. Then we dub the characters using the translated script. As the characters are still speaking the foreign language, it is crucial to perfectly sync the Hebrew voice-over with the motion and atmosphere in the video to match the storyline. This will create a better viewing experience.

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Audio Books

Audio Books

In a world where multi-tasking is a grave necessity, audio books are the latest trend. Listening also helps you detach and immerse yourself in a fantasy world.
I can record all types of books, from children or adult books to training guides.

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Narrating in English

Narrating in English

English is the most common language in the digital world today. If you really want your product to reach the whole world, you want to make sure you have an English version of your promotional items.
I can record in American English or International English (English in a foreign accent).

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Noffar Sinnay, Vikky CEO

You can instantly hear how smart, charming, pleasant and versatile Avia’s voice is. You know that it can suit any production you may need.
But you don’t know yet is that on top of being professional, Avia is kind, pleasant and knows her craft well. She always knew exactly what we needed and responded perfectly, swiftly and professionally.
Our clients have always been super happy, and so are we.
If there was a need for adjustments or corrections, Avia never argued or created challenges, she just did what it took to get the job done well.
I couldn’t praise her enough. I recommend her wholeheartedly, without hesitation. She is the best Israeli narrator to work with.

Noffar Sinnay, Vikky CEO
Kåre Sjölander, Head of EU Text-to-speech development

We hired Avia Spitzer for a several months long, highly demanding recording project. She did
an amazing job from the first hour to the last - never tiring, always responsive. A simply
excellent performance. We look forward to working with her again in the future and recommend
her to anyone else.
Best regards,

Kåre Sjölander, Head of EU Text-to-speech development
Noa Shalom, Animator

Working with Avia has been lovely and intellectually enriching.
Avia was able to tailor superb and precise narrating to our animation product. Exactly as we wanted it.
Working with Avia was effortless and hustle free. She was very patient and performed flawlessly.
Thank you. I hope we will partner on many wonderful projects in the future :)

Noa Shalom, Animator
Oded Tira, Writer, “Hardship”

Avia recorded my book and did a wonderful, professional job, with a clear and relatable voice. She used her voice to guide the listener through the many layers of the book’s storyline and its depth.
In addition, it was a very pleasant process - working with Avia became a great experience.
I highly recommend Avia and am convinced that anyone who needs anything narrated, or assistance in general, will not regret approaching her. I guarantee.

Oded Tira, Writer, “Hardship”
 Yaniv Mizrahi, CEO, Shaked Training

We worked with Avia on a number of projects (big and small) relating to narrating educational presentations as well as cartoons and animation.
I must say that Avia was highly service oriented, very professional and never missed a deadline, no matter how stressful it was.
Shaked Company is extremely happy with the outcome and products of this cooperation.

Yaniv Mizrahi, CEO, Shaked Training
 Vered Schenabel, Writer, Author of “Time To Begin”, “Nora Efron’s Cafe” and “A Wonderful Mess”.

Sensitivity and precision, clear pleasant voice and awesome acting skills, inert need and curiosity to fully understand the text - all these qualities on top of her personal interpretation of the story, dedication and pure love for her profession - make Avia the excellent narrator she is.
Avia made my third book, “A Wonderful Mess”, into an audiobook. Her reading during its launch event captured and intrigued the entire audience.

Vered Schenabel, Writer, Author of “Time To Begin”, “Nora Efron’s Cafe” and “A Wonderful Mess”.
IVF Worldwide

We are simply delighted with the results. Avia’s recordings for our website are fantastic and are exactly what we were looking for. She was super responsive, easy to work with, and delivered everything on schedule."

IVF Worldwide